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Pink Sugar

A Bit About Me

Everybody has a story, and HERE IS MINE. (well the story is the timeline post below)

About ME - 

Verified Canadian Financial Domme of  10 almost 11 years looking for new financial slaves and cucks to serve me in 2023, long term. New sissies, cuckolds, chastity slaves, diaper babies. Keys look great around my neck. I'm a very high maintenance Barbie Queen. Call me mommy or Queen Barbie and drop to yo knees bitch. Go broke for my fat ass and perfect size 5's. I accept Western union, amazon, Google Pay, Giftrocket, Ca$happ, Apple Pay and venmo. Looking for local subs for cash meets and sessions, & online pigs internationally. ๐Ÿ˜˜ I love to tease & manipulate , & turn men into my little puppets.  I deserve everything including all cash from your wife's savings & fancy gifts. If you're not a waste of time, and know how this lifestlye works contact me and let the addiction begin! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ“ฒ


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Life / Work Experiences Throughout the Years...

Spring 2013 - Summer 2015

Fall 2015 - Fall 2017

Winter 2017 - Winter 2020

Spring 2020 - Current time

These years were insane, but it was infact the years I accidentally became quite famous or very *well known* you could say. I was, yes, paralyzed at 14 and a half years old, due to an allergic reaction AND overdose on the liquid form of anxiety medication mother who was sick back then but no one knew, ended up overdosing me and I couldn't stand for 464 days. I tally marked that shit. Then came the part where I was bed ridden and became famous on instagram as Fakee_Sunshinee with 8.5k followers, I was in bed or in the hospital all day long, looking like Barbie, doing my makeup, and getting western union payments, and gifts from amazon sent to me. I never went to school,. because it was an all girls private school and I was bullied EXTREMELY bad. Even thrown down the stairs in my wheelchair a couple times., and even though the boys at the all boys school nextdoor to mine, gave me money from their mothers weekly, i had to leave. I stayed in touch with some boys from the chess and soccer team, and I said fuck allllllllat at the end of 2014 and transferred to a public school. Shit went down from there, but my fame and fortune went up, When I met prince in fall of 2015. October 12th 2015 to be exact. 

I ended up losing my famous Instagram account, unfortunately and had to start over asnAlphaPrinceBarbie eventually....OK, Meeting Prince was definitely a good life experience for me to have, because now I know and realize, 7 years later, he is infact my soulmate, my twin flame soul half, and my African Lover boy all in one. Meeting My Prince, came with a lot of controversy on the internet in the first couple years until it got more "normalized" to see Prince and I pop up on the internet randomly, basically everywhere. And yes, im talking regular selfies of Us. We started getting massive Paypal payments, and was shopping daily in the city of Chicago, with local bitchboys carrying our shopping bags in The Water Tower place. Sound cool? I guess it was, it was like a dream. then come spring 2017, we finally landed ourselves in a beta boi bought apartment in the city overlooking the Lake. Few months passed, and a lame couple got us kicked out from playing my OWN rap music with ME rapping LOL ......

OK, it was back to square one.

These fucking years got bad OK.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia...and conversion disorder.  I attended 3 physch wards in just one year. I losst 2 twitter accounts in the time span of 2017-2020, with over 5k followers each. 




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