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Barbification for Beginners




4 Weeks / 1 month


About the Course

Are you interested in panties ever since you can remember? But you want to wear them?

Then this course is for you, little one.

My header? Yall know what it means, Don't act like you don't or you wouldn't be here, right?

Sissification for Beginners is basically just a short 4 week program to show you the ropes on what it would feel like to truly live out your Barbie Boi selves.

This involves: (and sometimes includes the *)

- going to the store and purchasing 3 makeup items for a snapchat session with me.

-talking about Kinks of yours, and paayment plans for if this would become a longer process for you in particular,.

-becoming a member of the SmallCockCLub and the online program - WhiteBoiZone101 , and meet fellow Barbie Bois.

-Complete 5-10 tasks I end up giving you through out the 4 weeks.

- **** starting out the homewrecking process slowly, but surely****

And that is pretty much that.

Your Instructor

Boss Barbie

I am only about to write this out once since im the same instructer for all course types. I am a French - Canadian Dominatrix of almost 10 years this winter, i am looking for new cuckolds, sissies, and diaper babies to serve me come 2023.

Boss Barbie
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