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#MoneyMonday 💸📲🙇🏻‍♂️🕸and being African owned ♠️

my life as a QOS.

this is Prince and i in a random daily moment in time.

no one knows what it’s like behind OUR closed doors.

its nuts, absolutely insane. I can’t keep up with my own life, really.

but this is us, putting out the Beauty God oh so wanted / wants us to put out.

this is my blog post ,if it bothers you or hurts a feel, leave now.

i gotta lot of shit to say but I’m not going to make it long.

Whitebois like you, the one reading this , fund our life because we can’t work.

we have to much shit going on to think straight and basically its Fuck YOU , Pay US. You all don’t (and don’t want to) know our anger in life right now.

all the little “Alpha Couples” on Twitter AIN’T ready for US, NOBODY is. we turn heads and drop jaws in public; its some serious shit.

so we will continue to get aggressive on our twitter pages, we will continue to use whitebois and dispose them on our time, when we want, until you ALL realize who runnnnitt.

this blog post will be seen by many, so i want all of you to know, that we will always run shit in this Financial Game called Findom, it’s luxury to serve us, so get with the program and do better whitebois. $end daily, lock the fuck up, and be sure to COMMUNICATE !

*a side note* Alpha King Prince 32nd birthday is March 26th!


*Mine is May 22nd for those wondering*

that is all, for now, xoxo Barbie 👸🏼 and Prince 🤴🏿


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