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well it’s been a minute but that doesn’t mean i’m not running shit 🗣

ok hello 👋🏽

just updating my 200+ members on well, my life.

for those of you *interested* my life is absolutely absurd , insane, chaotic, and well, pathetic really .

let me make it clear when i say - i BEEN LIVING IN DEMENTIA HELL FOR 3 YEARS .

my mother is 52 with stage 7 bvFTD dementia , last stage . i know MANY of my fans , worldwide, have told me , THEY HAVE loved ones who suffer as well.

for those of you reading that is one of those people, i’m sorry and i feel you on a deep level.

Now let’s get one tiny thing straight

I RUN SHIT . been running shit . and will continue to run shit. i mean how can i walk away when i run the game anyway? i’m alive, ima miracle and i got the literal world on my shoulders. yes i take care of my mother , yes i have my OWN sickness , but i love having my fans worldwide support me mentally , financially, and even spiritually!

all of you that are on here “lurking” well here’s news for you if you currently serve a domme / was serving dommes in the past - i will Daddy* them any day of the week.

and then you.

i do something a lot different then the norm “SW” type shit.

i have my OWN selfbrand, that’s about to be trademarked as my own. i created it in 2015, and published it in 2021.

for those of you that aren’t a member of WhiteBoiWeb’s smallcockclub yet - JOIN TODAY.

for those of you who haven’t done my online program …WhiteBoiZone101 ….SIGN UP & COMPLETE TODAY.

this is a SAFE PLACE, a COMMUNITY , for literal, submissive, human beings. where yall can be y’all selves & serve me, and Prince while doing it.

xoxo 💋 barbie💸💎

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