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Hello everyone, I’m Boss Daddy Barbie’s Barbie Boi #3. I became her property on [Sep,29th-2021]. After serving multiple Black Queens and therefore being raised, bought up and educated on the matter and importance of the BNWO- and the QOS-Lifestyle my time has come to accept my place in this world. I have been trained to obey the superior race, thought to suck and take black dick ( only white dick exception is for the purpose of superior’s entertainment), and have been raised as a professional obedient sissy that follows every superior command without limits.

As I completed my training I was looking for the next step to contribute to the BNWO and could not believe my luck as I came across Boss Daddy Barbie and her Prince. I do now not only have the chance to serve the realest Queen of Spades/Snowbunny but also do I have the chance to grow by serving her Black Prince.

I’m excited and proud to call myself a part of Boss Barbies movement and am looking forward to unforgettable times. Let the white Boi games begin. 😈

My Kinks are:

- Feminisation/Sissification

- Anal Play / Strap-On

- Forced-Bi / Cuckold

- CEI / JOI / Cum-Play

- Watersports / Piss Play

- CBT / Spit / Ballbusting / Slapping

My Soft-Limits are:

- Public

- Blackmail

- Scat

My Hard-Limits are:

- Illegal (Animal/Children etc.)

Im trained to accept and follow through any other kink or fetish my superior Boss Daddy Barbie would like to see me in aside of my Hard-Limits.

  • Barbie Boi #3
    Barbie Boi #3
    German cuck pig

Barbie Boi #3

Barbie Boi #3
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